Ten 20 Minute Workouts for your Living Room

20 minute workouts for your living room without any equipment. Workout, lose weight and get fit at home!

Would you like to stay fit or lose weight, but there is no way to sign up for the gym?

Maybe you don’t have the money or time. I don’t want to spend the money and I can’t get motivated to get ready to go.

It is so much easier to start a quick workout  in the comfort of your home whenever you have free time. And if you don’t need to prepare anything, get ready, drive somewhere or pay anything, THAT should be motivation enough to get into a workout routine.

Today I have ten FREE at home workouts for you that you can simply do at home, without equipment.

I have been doing that for a long time and it works perfectly for me. Sometimes I wake up earlier then my little boy so I can work out, or I even do it when he is awake and he will jump and “work out” with me. I think it is a great idea to stay fit when you don’t have the opportunity to go somewhere.

Exercising will help you “wake up” and feel more active throughout the day. Plus it makes you stronger and after a while you won’t get tired as often.

20 minute workouts for your living room without any equipment. Workout, lose weight and get fit at home!

I have a degree in sport science and I tried to find good workouts to do at home that you can do in just 20 minutes. I like switching up my fitness routine and the 20 minute workouts helps me stay motivated.

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If you do want to invest a little bit of money in a good workout that you can do at home, I can highly recommend the Beachbody workout DVDs. I have quite a few of their DVDs myself and rotate them to stay motivated.

You can pick workouts with weight, without weights, select workout by time, intensity level, pricing and interest. They are very professional, come with meal plans and are motivating and effective. I lost 10 pounds very easily and had fun doing it! You can check out a list of Beachbody workouts HERE>>

If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments or per email.

Don’t forget to stretch well, drink lots of water and eat healthy!

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Ten 20 Minute Workouts

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1. Jump Workout

This workout is switching between jumping and some exercises like push ups, sit ups and so on. You can use the jumping rope but you can also jump without a rope for great results. If you want to purchase one I would suggest a beaded rope (this is the one I use) since they are heavier and therefor “swinging” better.

Source: EatingBirdFood

2. No Excuses Workout

Source: Popsugar

3. Living Room Workout

20 minute living room workout

Source: LosingWeightForAll

4. Pre-Trip Workout

20 minute pre trip workout

Source: Fitting it all in

5. No Equipment Workout Video

no equipment

Watch Amy’s video on YouTube and get going!

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6. Victoria Secret Model Workout

victoria secret model workout

Watch the Victoria Secret Model Body-Sculpting workout.

7. Full Body Cardio and Strength Workout

full body cardio and strength 20 minute workout

Watch the full body workout by FitnessType

8. Lose Weight fast at Home

lose fat at home 20 minute workout by hasfit

Watch this losing weight fitness video by HasFit

9. Bikini HIIT Workout

20 minute HIIT workout

Watch the Bikini HIIT Workout by FitSugar

10. Crazy Cardio

Crazy 20 minute HIIT workout at home

Watch the crazy HIIT workout by Christine Salus.

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