Mastering Pinterest Images – 3 Day Course + Free Stock Photo

Mastering Pinterest Images is a 3 day email course for free that teaches a Picmonkey tutorial and gives a free stock photo. Learn how to create Pinterest images that will get you more traffic, pageviews, and re-pins to your blog.

The ultimate goal of a Pinterest image is to draw attention to your pin so that it will receive a lot of re-pins, leading to an increase in pageviews on your blog. More pageviews will then earn you more blogging income. “Mastering Pinterest Images” will help you reach these goals faster.

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This Course is for YOU, if

– you don’t know how to create a great Pinterest image

– your pins don’t get re-pinned

– you want to learn how to use the Picmonkey program for free

– you simply want the included stock photo


The Course “Mastering Pinterest Images” Includes

This course will provide the necessary steps to help you reach your goals. You will receive 3 lectures and 1 stock photo to put the class into action!

DAY 1: Create a Flat Lay Desk Image for Blogging Articles

DAY 2: Create your own Blog Address Logo to Brand your Pin Images

DAY 3: Where to get and how to use other STOCKPHOTOS

BONUS: 1 flat lay stock photo

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What YOU will learn

– how to choose text, font, color, and size

– where to get other stock photos

– how to edit flat lay desk images

– how to create pin images with other stock photos

– how to master the Picmonkey program and get the most out of your free account

– how to create a web page address overlay to brand your pin images

– examples of impressive post titles

This 3 day class is 100% free and you can SIGN UP HERE

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