2nd Blogging Income & Traffic Report December 2016 – $180.65

My 2nd Blogging Income & Traffic Report December 2016. How I made $180.65 in december. Learn how to make money blogging with boardbooster and affiliate marketing

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Blogging History

I started my blog in June 2016 and had no idea what I was doing. I had little time and would blog for a couple of hours every once in a while. My page views in June 2016 averaged 28 and grew to 46 in July. Now I average over 600 page views per day.

There is so much to learn at the beginning when you start a blog. After a while I installed AdSense and made a few pennies. I also installed affiliate links but nobody would ever buy anything. I felt stuck so I decided to take a class called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing at the end of October. In the picture below you can see how my affiliate marketing income grew drastically after taking this class.

Another big boost in pageviews and income is due to the program BoardBooster. In August I started to use their service and my ad income grew monthly. You can head over and try BoardBooster’s free trial or read my Boardbooster review HERE>>

Income & Traffic Report December 2016


My pageviews increased by 9,091 compared to November 2016. That is 172% more traffic than last month! This traffic increase is definitely due to my pinning program BoardBooster.



My goal for December was to double my last month’s income to cover at least the expenses I had for my blog. My INCOME INCREASED BY 744%!

AdSense $40.35

Amazon Affiliate $23.09

Share-a-Sale $1.01

Convertkit $8.70

$5 Meal Plan $7.50

Ebates $35.00

Bluehost $65.00

Total earnings: $180.65


Learn how to start a blog with this detailed tutorial HERE>>


The AdSense increase is due to the pageview increase through BoardBooster and my affiliate marketing increase finally went up, because I invested in a great class. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing taught me very effective strategies that also work for beginner bloggers. Go ahead and check out the curriculum and the benefits of the class HERE>>.

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Boarbooster: $10

Convertkit: $29.95

Total: $39.95

Take Home: $140.70

I signed up for Convertkit to improve my email list. This program increased my subscribers from 24 to 72 in a period of 2 weeks. And now I am getting at least 8-20 new subscribers every day. The program allows me to offer free email courses and easy to download content for new subscribers. I received a free one month trial, relieving any anxiety I initially had about using the program. So far, so good!

Future Goals

I launched my own online course PERFECT PINTEREST IMAGE and hope to increase earnings from this course.

I am also offering 2 new freebies: Recipe eBook and a 3-day Mastering Pinterest Images FREE Course. I hope to gain more subscribers by offering better freebies in the future.

My goal is to reach 100,000 PV a month so I can apply for AdThrive to earn more Ad income. I am trying to reach this with 3 steps: 1. Apply to more group boards. 2. Write more amazing content. 3. Upgrade BoardBooster.

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