DIY Project: Restore Old Kid’s Chair with Spray Paint

Try this easy DIY Project: Restore Old Kid's Chair. Restore Thrift store or yard sale furniture to make it look like new on a budget. Step by step tutorial

My family and I went to a local yardsale and we found 2 old but sturdy kid’s chairs. They were only $2 each and I knew I could make them look like new. I am going to make a table that fits to the chairs soon too. That way I will have an area for them to play, craft and paint.

Here you can see how busted and rusty the chairs were before.

How to Restore Old Kid’s Chair

1.Clean off chair. I sprayed them off outside with the garden hose and scrubbed them with biodegradable all purpose cleaner. After rinsing off the chairs I dried them with paper towel and used q-tips for dirty cracks. Afterwards I left them in the sun for more drying time.

2.Read instruction of your spray paint. I used Valspar glossy paint and primer for around $5 at Target. Before use make sure that the humidity outside is under 60% and the temperature is between 60-90 F. This helps your project to dry better. Then shake the spray paint can for 1 minute. It is best to use outdoors and before you start, spray a little into the air to see how the wind is blowing. You want to make sure that you are spraying with the wind and stand out of it or you will end up blue too :).

3.Spray painting the kid’s chair. Now hold the can 10-12 inches away from your project and spray back and forth in strokes. Shake the can in between. Wait 5 minutes for the second coat, and 1 hour to touch and move the chair. The instruction says it is best to wait 7 days before you actually use your project.


4.Seal. After your project is dry, seal it with a clear spray paint that protects your hard work. Otherwise you can just scrape off the paint with your nails. I used Rust-Oleum multi purpose spray paint. Again, read the instruction on the can that you chose, but it should dry to the touch in 1 hour.

I loved this DIY project. It was very simple, cheap and the results satisfying. If you want to get more DIYs sign up for my newsletter.

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