DIY Picture with Stencil Art for $1 – free printable

This DIY tutorial shows you how to create a beautiful but frugal décor. Make this Picture Stencil Art for only 1 dollar. Affordable, classic and very easy.

It is so easy and cheap to create your own stencil art. I found the golden frame at a yard sale for only 50 cents.

When I put together my picture frame cluster or collage, I did not print a picture to go into the frame.  So, I decided to make my own in order to save money.

I took some leftover white cardboard and wrote some nice words on it. I found the saying on Pinterest. The cardboard cost me 50 cents at Dollar Tree.

How to make the Stencil Art

Cut out the cardboard in the size of your picture.

Choose the font, words and size you desire and print it. If you like the words I used, click on the link to download for free.

[download-attachment id=”1197″ title=”In This House We…”]


Then turn your paper around and paint over the words (on the backside) with a pencil.

After you are done, turn your paper around and place it where you want the words to appear. You can secure it with tape that will come off easily without ripping off the paper.

All you have to do now is outline the words. Check underneath the paper after a few words to make sure it prints onto the cardboard.

After all of your words or other art is printed on your picture use a black marker (or any other) to outline the words again (on the cardboard that goes into the picture).


And that’s it, you are done.

I love this stencil art because it was very cheap and it looks classic and nice. And it’s so easy. Let me know if you like this tutorial, or how I can improve it, by commenting below.

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