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Trying to get more traffic from Pinterest? Try this pinning strategy by following the full BoardBooster tutorial. It will save you time and make you money. This BoardBooster strategy helped to to use the program to its full potential and make money blogging. This post may contain affiliated links.

Today I want to share the exact ways to program BoardBooster so you can reach its full potential. I have been experimenting with this program for over 6 months now and I am getting great results.

This post is all about how to set up a BoardBooster strategy that brings you the most traffic. If you want to know what Boardbooster is and how it grew my blog you can head over to read the full BoardBooster review.

BoardBooster Strategy Success

I have to admit that I also have been working on my pin images to get better Pinterest success. With that said, you need great content, great pictures, and an awesome pinning strategy to drive a lot of traffic to your blog through Pinterest.

For the content part, that is up to you. With the Pinterest images and pinning strategy I can help you rock your Pinterest game. You can check my free “Mastering Pinterest Images” 3-day course or grab a copy of my “Perfect Pinterest Image” eBook. You can also ge 42 stock photos within the eBook. This will give you a great start.


Now let’s get to the most important BoardBooster strategy!

You can sign up for the free BoardBooster trial now and follow along this tutorial or PIN IT for later.

Set up the BoardBooster Strategy


Log into BoardBooster and select “pinning tool” > “scheduler”.

This tool will pin all pins from ONE board to ONE other board. I use the scheduler to pin my pins into group boards.

If you blog only about one subject, let’s say recipes, you would have one board with your recipes as your source board. From there you can pin into recipe group boards. If you get more specific (or you blog about different categories) you can set up secret boards to organize your pins by category. That way you can choose you source board for the group board.

In case you have a group board about pasta, then you would create a secret board for only pasta and select this as your source board.

You can see below I created a lot of different secret boards. I put a BB at the beginning to recognize them easier and then name the category.

Whenever I publish a new post I pin it to my “Best of 2sharemyjoy”  and then I go through the BB list and see which secret board the pin fits.

Another tip here: I made a secret board for everything “motherhood” and added recipes into it. I made the mistake of pinning the content of this board into a parenting group board that does not allow recipe pins. So I created another secret board called “BB only parenting”. Make sure you read the board rules!

Which leads me to the next point. In order to know how often to pin into a group board you need to consider 4 things:

1. How many pins your secret board contains

2. Rules of the group board

3. Size (members and amount of pins) of the group board

4. How many pins you have available for the month

If you have only a few pins than you should not pin too often, or else your readers see the same pins over and over. Also read how many pins are allowed to be pinned each day and if you have to re-pin any amount. Consider the number of members and the amount of pins. If the board gets a lot of pins and has a lot of members that are pinning, you can go ahead and add more pins a day. I will give you some examples later. Finally, you have to fit the number of pins per board to your monthly pinning plan and to each of the boards you have. But you can always adjust either of them.

You can see in the picture above how I set up the scheduler in my BoardBooster strategy. This depends on your boards and niche. Make sure that you select “keep on source board” so that your pins stay in your secret board and also select “start over”.

I select “newest to oldest” because when I publish a new post and add in into the fitting secret board the BoardBooster program will interrupt the cycle and pin the new pin right into all selected group boards.

How often to pin into a group board – examples

In the first picutre you saw the group board “Absolutely Tasty Recipes Again” with a little over 4000 pins. And the rules don’t show any limitation. So I chose 2 pins a day. After a few days go back into the board and see how close your pins are together. If there is a nice gap between 20-50 pins you’re doing great. You don’t want to be spammy, but still bring your content out in a noticeable way.

If you are not sure, start with 1 pin a day. That is, unless you have a group board that looks like the one below

This one has a little over 500 pins and 20 members. It says you are allowed to pin 3 times a day, but even one day looked like too much. Again, you can start with 1 pin per day and see how it will look to make it work for you. For this board I decided to pin every 3 days.

Then you have very big boards where you could pin 10 times a day but the rules state you can only pin 2 times PLUS you have to re-pin 2 pins for every pin you drop.

Now, the next board is a big one too, with 44k pins and some rules BUT no posting limits. So I went with 4 pins a day. If I exceed my monthly pinning plan and don’t want to upgrade I would probably start to reduce my pin per day number on a board like this.

Other tips for the scheduler

Now you have a little better understanding on how often to pin. I would suggest setting it up following the example above, then check all group boards the next day, 3 days after, 1 week after, and from there only once a month. This will help you get to know all the boards and adjust the settings to get the best out of your money.

You can check the pinning history of each board to see how the board is doing. If there is one board with a loot of re-pins and you still have the resources, add a higher daily pinning amount. If you see that you are running out of pins, or want to invest more pins into a better board, search for the board history with a low re-pin number. You can see the re-pin rate either on your scheduler dashboard or in the board settings

To start out you can set up your pinning time from 5 am to 12 pm or something like this. After a while you will see when the best pinning time is and adjust your scheduler accordingly. This behavior can change too, so make sure to check this on your monthly BoardBooster maintenance. To see the best pinning times select “reports” > “best time to pin”

And YES, this very high bar in the middle of the night is funny to me too! 😉

Tip: As you grow your audience, new followers may not have seen some of your older pins. Upload your own boards and pin your blog posts every few days. Make sure you add other good content between those days.

Trying to get more traffic from Pinterest? Try this pinning strategy by following the full BoardBooster tutorial. It will save you time and make you money. This BoardBooster strategy helped to to use the program to its full potential and make money blogging.


As the name already says, this tool will loop your pins within one board for you.

Select “pinning tools” > “looping” and you can add the board you want your pins to rotate in.

You can see the re-pin rate of 94.4 for this board is very high. By clicking on the board you can change your setting.

I have my re-pins set to 3 a day and because I want to bring the older ones into the view of new followers I set the order from oldest to newest.

I run the deduplication 5 days after re-pinning, enable protection for viral duplicates and select 50 or more re-pins. This means that if a pin gets re-pinned and receives more than 50 re-pins it stays as a duplicate on the board. Otherwise the pin with the lesser re-pins gets deleted after 5 days.

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Campaigns differ from the scheduler because you can select multiple boards OR a list of pins as the source and pin them into multiple boards with each providing a setting for how often. First, I will show you how to set up this tool and then the best uses.

Click “pinning tools” > “campaigns” > “new campaign” > select “random campaign”

Add the pin URL or a board and select where you want to pin it. There are 4 points to consider when choosing the frequency for pinning into a group board that is explained in the chapter “Scheduler,” above in this post.

Now, in the next step of the BoardBooster strategy I will show you how I use the campaign tool to boost my traffic from Pinterest. I basically set up my top pins and schedule them to pin into my top performing boards. The most popular pins have a higher chance of getting re-pinned again.

There are 4 ways to find your top posts:

#1 Google Analytics: “Reports” > “Behavior” > “Overview”

#2 Pinterest Analytics: “Overview” > “Your Pinterest profile” > “Clicks”

#3 Your Blog stats:

#4 High re-pin rate. Just go through your pins and select the one with a high re-pin rate. I realized once a pin has close to 1k or over 1k re-pins it will get shared over and over. So you want to select your most popular pins and pin them into the boards that get a high engagement. This strategy really gets me a lot of traffic. There are 2 ways to find your top performing boards.

#1 BoardBooster: “Reports” > “Board Performance”

#2 Pinterest Analytics. You will get there the same way you found your top posts in #2 above.

Now that you have found your top pins and boards you can simply schedule them. I would use between 2 and 10 top posts and pin them to the top 5 boards in that category. Again the frequency depends on how many pins you have, how fast moving the board is, and what the rules say. After a few days go back into your group boards and make sure it doesn’t look spammy.

If you have a post that you really want to get out there, like a freebie or a promotion you can add it here too. That way, it will get pinned more frequently.

As you can see in the picture above, I split my top pins into different categories. Since I blog about 5 categories, BoardBooster is a great tool to organize all of my pins and grow my audience!

You want to update this tool once a month since your top posts and boards could change. This last tool will definitely give you a traffic boost and it is my favorite way to use board booster.

Head over to BoardBooster and sign up for the free trial>>



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