How Boardbooster Helped Me Make My First Blogging Income – Full Review

Try this program for free and get more pageviews and start making money blogging. Boardbooster helped me increase my pageviews by 12 times and my ad income by 8 times! Click trough to read the full Boardbooster review

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If you are already an active blogger you might have heard or even already installed Boardbooster. Some of you have not heard about this amazing program. That is why I want to review Boardbooster for you today. If you don’t know what the program exactly does, keep reading.

After 2 month of blogging I tried to spread my pins to reach more readers. But the more posts and pins I created the more I was struggling keeping up with re-pinning and organizing them. After trying out Boardbooster I spent less time organizing plus my pageviews jumped from 28 a month to 342 a month. This is 12 times as much!

The program can pin selected single pins to a board, or pin all pins from a selected board to another one. You can pin into your own or into group boards. If you set up a secret board as your source then nobody will see what you are going to pin. Also it will loop for you, that means you select a board to loop and Boardbooster takes the oldest post and repins it to the top of the board for your new followers to see.

My Blog Growth with Boardbooster

Average Pageviews per Day

Traffic and Ad Income Increase

As you can see my Ad income in July was under $1. After installing Boardbooster at the end of July my Ad income increased by the factor 8. I spend $5 on Boardbooster and made $8. The next months kept increasing until I had more posts and decided to upgrade my plan to $10 a month (1000 pins) at the end of November. You can see in the picture above that my daily pageviews are over 600 now and the ad income over $20 a month. I would say this program is totally worth it!

You can head over and get a 14-day FREE trial for Boardbooster HERE>>

Why does Boardbooster save time?

Spreadsheets, organizing skill and time is involved to keep your pins in order if you pin manually. This strategy is great to start out, but once you reach 20 blog posts it gets time consuming and confusing. You want to spread your newest post into all your boards, but not at the same time. And after a while you want to re-pin them again to reach more people. This could take up to 1 hour a day depending on how many pins you have.

Boardbooster will do it all for you. The only time you have to spend is to set it up and to maintain it. The set up took me around 3 hours. Maintaining takes probably 2 hours a month instead of 20-30 (or more depending on hour number of blog posts). So it does save a lot of time that you can use for writing great content!

Is Boardbooster worth the money?

After your free trial you can start with the lowest plan. Your setting from the free trial period will roll over and you can enjoy 500 repins a month for $5. Now you probably ask if this is worth it? Let me put it this way. I was making pennies a month. After installing the program my pageviews went up by 12 times. So you can imagine that the income from my blog multiplied big time too. Which is great because the program paid of itself PLUS gave me my first income.

How do I get the 100 FREE PINS?

To get your free pins you just have to sign up on

You do not have to fill in your credit card info for the free trial. I know a lot of free trials require your credit card info and you have to make sure to cancel before the trial is over. But Boardbooster does not require this and you can’t really do anything wrong.

Now you should be able to connect Boardbooster with Pinterest and set up all your tools. After 100 pins and/or 1 month the program will just stop and you can either leave it or upgrade your plan.

Positives and Negatives

The positives are very obvious. I really appreciate not having to spend hours on Pinterest trying to repin my content, and then forgetting where I already pinned them to. Also learning and setting up the program is very easy. I tried other pinning programs and it was way harder to figure out how to even start. Beside the time saving I am very excited about the great increase in pageviews and income which is growing more and more every month. I also like that you can view your pinning history, when the pin got pinned to where and how many repins it brought you. That way you can adjust your settings to get even more out of it.

Boardbooster also sends you an email with your account activities where you can see a summary of growth in repins and followers.

For the negative side I would say that it does take a while to set it all up, but with a tutorial it should help reduce the set up time. Other than that I couldn’t find any more negative aspects. I really enjoy this program and it has only helped me.

If you want to check out this amazing program head over to Boardbooster HERE and get your free trial!

If you need to learn how to set up BoardBooster the right way please read the full BoardBooster Strategy Tutorial HERE

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