10 Low Impact Workouts – Beginner, Cardio, Recovery, Interval 20-30 Minutes

If you are a fitness beginner, on recovery day or simply searching a 20-30 minute workout for the home,you can click through now and check out these 10 low impact workouts - no equipment needed!

These 10 Low Impact workouts are perfect for recovery day, or if you are a beginner and just starting out with fitness. They are short but burn calories.

In my new workout routine I switch my workouts between a 20-30 minute HIIT intensive workout one day to a 20-30 minute low impact cardio workout the following day. For example I workout really hard and intense on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but then take it easy (yet still burn calories) on Tuesday and Thursday (maybe the weekend). I usually don’t workout on the weekends.

I like the video workouts on YouTube because they are free, easy and simple. Perfect if you want to save money or don’t have a lot of time. You can just do it in between right at your home without equipment.

Another good low impact workout that I love doing on my recovery days is Zumba or Hip Hop Abs. They are both dance DVD workouts and just fun and easy

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Here are my 10 favorite low impact workouts for you on YouTube:

1.30 Minute Low Impact by Millionaire Hoy


2.20 Minute Low Impact Cardio by FitnessType



3.30 Minute Low Impact Total Body Toning by FitnessBlender

4. 30 Minute Beginner Low Impact Cardio by Body Project


5.20 Minute Lazy Day Cardio Recovery Workout by Millionaire Hoy

6. 33 Minute Calorie Blasting Recovery Cardio Workout by FitnessBlender

7. 30 Minute Full Body Quiet Barefoot Workout by Jessica Smith

8. 20 Minute Quick and Quiet Low Impact HIT Workout by Millionaire Hoy

9. 20 Minute Quiet Cardio Workout by FitnessBlender

10. 30 Minute Low Impact Quiet Cardio Workout by Jessica Smith

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