1 Week Dinners for under $30 with free printables

1 Week Dinners under $30 with free printables and downloads. Healthy Recipes that are affordable. You can buy all ingredients at ALDI.

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Trying to cook healthy but still affordable is not always easy. I created a list of 4 meals, that are healthy and you can get all ingredients at ALDI.

In my 1 Week Dinners Recipes List (below) I make 4 meals last the whole weak (actually 8 days) because we eat one meal two times. That means one meal serves 4 but 2 people can eat on it 2 nights. This saves time cooking and also money.

You don’t have to eat the same meal twice in a row, just store it in your fridge and eat it another night, where you don’t feel like cooking.

1 Week Dinners Recipes

You can switch up the order, this is just an example. If you want to try more affordable dinners sign up for my free newsletter or check out my other recipes.

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All my recipes I cook are bought at Aldi. If you want the newest updates sent to your email, feel free to sign up for my newsletter.


1 Week Dinners Free Printable

  1. [download-attachment id=”1054″ title=”Dinner-Recipes-Printable”]
  2. [download-attachment id=”1055″ title=”Shopping List”]

I tried to put the items of the shopping list into the order of the isles at the ALDI store to make it easier on you.

If you are searching more dinner ideas for under $2 a plate I can highly recommend to try the $5 meal plan 14 days for free. The meals are very simple, you can buy the ingredients in any store (I would suggest Aldi) plus it is very fast to prepare. When I cooked their honey mustard chicken it took me only 6 minutes to prepare plus it was yummy and affordable.

Don't worry about meal planning anymore with this meal plan that give you affordable dinner recipe ideas

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